I've created a child theme for Ventus but some CSS settings such as colors and page width are not working for child theme. Do I need to do some other works to make it work with child themes?

Yes! Ventus saves dynamic settings such as colors and page width and some more options within dynamic.css file. If you want to use child themes with Ventus, please:

  1. Create the child theme directory in your themes directory (e.g. wp-content/themes/ventus-child/).
  2. Copy screenshot.png, style.css and dynamic.css from parent theme inside child theme directory.
  3. Remove styles from style.css and put your own styles inside it. and also add template tag inside child theme style.css file:
    Theme Name: Ventus-child
    Description: Child theme for the Ventus theme
    Template: Ventus
  4. That's it! Save settings in theme options page and everything will work.

Please open a ticket if you have any issues on this and we will help you to fix it soon.

For more information please read this article: