I've installed Ventus and everything looks fine after installation. But once I change anything in "Theme Options" and save settings, the theme simply goes to a wide version and does not actually change anything else like colors and ...

There are two problable cause for this problem.

  1. Ventus creates dynamic styles in a file named dynamic.css which is placed in root directory of theme ( /wp-content/themes/ventus/dynamic.css ). You should configure your websever to have write permission on this file. Usually 755 for directory and 644 for files are ok.
  2. The other problable cause is that your theme options are not imported by default - for any reasons. If this is your case, you can import it manualy in version 1.4 and above. To do this, login into your WordPress admin panel, then from "Appearance", choose "Options Backup". Then open a text file which is in this directory: /wp-content/themes/ventus/option-tree/theme-options.txt. And simply copy this file content into "Import Theme Options" text area and click on "Import Theme Options" button. Go to "Theme Options", save your options once and this will be fix.

If this didn't fix your issue, simply contact us and we will manage to fix it very soon for you.

For more information please read this article: